Meet Umora, The Adorable Sable Rescued From A Fur Farm The Internet Has Fallen In Love With

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Umora is a gorgeous sable girl with big brown eyes, a cute little nose and a beautifully thick and glossy coat.

However, like so many other sables, Umora was nearly robbed of both her fur and her life.

Sables, a species of marten commonly found in Russia, are known around the world for their beautiful, thick, dark fur.

Unfortunately, their beautiful and extraordinarily silky coats have made them a target for the fur trade, something Umora has had to experience first-hand.

Luckily, a woman named Zhenya came to the sweet sable’s aid and saved her life.

Sabels have been hunted for their fur since the early middle ages and their fur is still highly coveted today. These days, however, sables are often farmed rather than hunted.

Umora was living on in a such a fur farm and was destined for death when Zhenya came across a picture of her online.

After Zhenya saw a picture of a sable online, her heart ached for the poor creature.

When she then found out that she might be able to purchase her from the fur farm and save her life, the choice was easy:

“She would have died there, so I decided to save the little fella.” Zehnya told Bored Panda.

After saving Umora, Zhenya decided to keep her as a pet. This decision was made out of necessity and Zhenya discourages other people from trying to keep sables as pets.

Sables are wild animals and, ideally, Umora should have gotten to live her life in the wild, but after spending her whole life at the fur farm she‘s simply not equipped for that.

Keeping a wild animal at home is no easy task for anyone involved, but luckily Zhenya has been ready to do anything to make Umora happy.

Umora is somewhat anxious and panicky as a result of her traumatic experiences at the farm, but Zhenya treats her with patience, love and understanding.

The two have built a strong, loving relationship and they are both enjoying their life together.

Though more and more people are starting to understand just how cruel the fur industry is, it is still a lucrative business and animals continue to be hurt and killed for their furs.

In Russia, the demand for sable fur is still growing and the fur is used to create a wide range of “luxury” items.

We’re so relieved that Umora made it out alive and that she found such a safe and loving home with Zhenya.

We need more people like Zhenya who are ready to to go the extra mile for animals in need and value living beings over “status” items.

Umora is now free to play and goof around without fear and Zhenya is making sure that the beautiful little sable will always be safe and well taken care of.