This Group Of Rescue Baby Sloths Has A Squeaky Conversation And It’s Just Adorable

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The Sloth Sanctuary Costa Rica is exactly what it says on the tin: a sanctuary for sloths.

The sanctuary is dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating and releasing sloths with the objective to improve the sloths’ quality of life and to conserve the rainforest of Costa Rica.

The rescue sloths are absolutely adorable, especially the babies. We just can’t get enough of this video of babbling baby sloths:

Who knew sloths sounded so squeaky? It’s both adorable and funny and we’re so happy that these sweet creatures are receiving the love and care they need.

The sanctuary is deeply dedicated to the well-being of the rescue sloths as well as sloths living in the wild and they are working hard to make sure that their rescue efforts do not unintentionally harm any sloths.

In fact, one of the Sloth Sanctuary Costa Rica’s objectives is to “study and understand sloth behaviour, lifestyle, physiology and pathology through research and the exchange of information.”

There are two kinds of sloths living at the sanctuary: two-fingered sloths and three-fingered sloths.

Two-fingered sloths are the biggest and most active type of sloth.

The three-fingered sloth moves very slowly on land…

… but is quite a strong swimmer.

Both types of sloth spend most of their time in the trees, hanging upside down.

They love munching on leaves, fruit, insects, nuts and berries.

But most of all, they love taking things slow and just hanging out.