Elderly, Deaf and Totally Helpless, Thanks Those Who Finally Helped Him

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Depending on the country or the city where you live, you have probably seen, more or less, desolate cats wandering the streets, even elderly animals. Many of us would like to take them all home, but this is not always possible.

However, if you have the chance to at least adopt a stray cat, you will know what faithfulness and eternal gratitude are. After a life of intense suffering, Nobbs, a 12-year-old deaf cat, was rescued by the Kitty Adventure Rescue League & Sanctuary.

His past was marked by the harshness of the streets, which made him sullen and very rough. Fortunately, however, that is all behind him now. Today he is immensely happy and a true lover of the affection of his new human parents.

It turns out that old Nobbs was found living in the shadows and solitude of a filthy garage located in the state of Texas, USA, very fearful of humans.

Evidently, his suspicion was natural. He had already been hurt too much. He really had a hard time. But, one miraculous morning, rescue worker Karyn Poplin, a member of the Kitty Adventure Rescue League & Sanctuary, appeared in his life and lovingly won Nobbs’ heart.

And so, after having been a victim of the ignominy of some men and the cruelty of living on the street, Nobbs now feels very loved by his new family and is grateful every moment to be next to his humans. He found happiness represented in these people, whom he spoils to say thank you.

Poplin and his partner, Gerald, specialize mostly in rescuing felines, especially those who have lost faith in people because they have been hurt. They are the best at restoring trust, giving them love and a home full of tenderness. Of course, old Nobbs succumbed to that. Nobbs is a completely deaf but very loving old man.

“From the moment I met him, we have been inseparable. He adores me and my husband Gerald and literally won’t leave our side, kissing and cuddling us every day without fail. Nobbs turned out to be a very loving and grateful dog,” said Karyn.

As additionally reported by the young and sensitive rescuer, many other kittens have passed through her and Gerald’s hands. In fact, she says she is currently caring for several others. All have special needs and a dark past of violence in common.

However, the case of the venerable Nobbs is very special , because much of his life was mired in pain and loneliness completely deaf . His little face shows gratitude , but , still with a mixture of bravado .

He is the sweetest and most loving cat in the world even though he looks like an angry old man.

“He doesn’t meow, he screams, because he has no control of his voice . He sleeps under the covers, in our arms. He is the most affectionate old man I have ever come across in my life,” the woman added.

In addition, since Nobbs arrived at Karyn’s home, he has developed a close relationship with all his new cat siblings, whom he also thanks with cuddles every day that they have received him with the same love he has for them.

This beautiful story is a breath of fresh air, especially in these times we live in.