Abandoned Mother Dog Begged for Help for Her Exhausted Puppies and Heartwarming Ending

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This was a deserted road and we met a pack of dogs , they were placed in a box and kept under 33 degrees celsius.

The puppies were almost exhausted in that weather. We didn’t understand how someone would leave them there. Gina was the name I gave her, she was a smart dog .

She enjoyed being bathed and caressed .

She was enjoying her time with other puppies in the same house the same age as them . so it’s much easier for us to take care of them .

but the hard times made them very hugry , sometimes they even ate the food of their friends and one day we had a big probleme.

They vomited a lot and only one puppy was okey , they were aalmost exhauseted and just lied there.

The doctors did their best to help the puppies but Loy and Pinky left and became a little angles.

We did our best with the others and thanks god our efforts and tears paid off, Alsi got better .

She was out of danger and was able to sit up .

I was extremely happy then ,thank God for the mercy . After all the loss, she was finally in better conditions and happy .