Wobbly Foster Kitten Wins the Heart of the Family Dog and Finds Forever Home

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Say hello to Grasshopper!

This wobbly foster kitten first came in to Micky’s life when she decided to care for him.

Micky has fostered lots of kittens and puppies over the years and she immediately realised that there was something very special about Grasshopper.

It transpired that Grasshopper was born with cerebellar hypoplasia. This condition affects the part of the brain that controls fine motor skills, balance and coordination, commonly known as wobbly cat syndrome.

This is why Grasshopper wobbles about when he walks but it doesn’t stop him enjoying life to the full, it’s all perfectly normal to him. And, as Micky says, he has always had his happy feet!

Cats born with this condition can lead a perfectly, healthy natural life.

It didn’t take long for the family to become attached to this adorable kitten, even the family dog, Hippo, bonded with him instantly.

The pair are inseparable and spend a lot of time cuddling and playing together.

Grasshopper is a very inquisitive kitty and likes to keep himself busy. He enjoys spinning around and loves chasing the other animals in the house and exploring the backyard.

When it’s time for a rest he likes to chill in a cardboard box or take a nap with one of the other foster kittens.

As well as his attachment to Hippo, he loves to hang with Micky’s daughter and likewise, she has become very fond of him.

As time moved on the family realised it would be very difficult to give up this wobbly foster kitten, so they decided to adopt him and give him a forever home.

He loves helping Micky with all the foster kittens and puppies, and there’s usually a special one that he will take under his wing but it’s Hippo that has the biggest place in his heart.

As Micky says: “Food, Hippo and cuddles are his love language, oh, and napping in the middle of the stairs trying to trip people!”

With the help of Micky, Hippo and the rest of the family, Grasshopper is living his best life.

Watch the video to see this delightful kitten in action: