Despite Being Born With a Face That Can Melt the Coldest of Hearts She Hasn’t Received One Single Adoption Application!

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Kaya the cat was born with a congenital facial abnormality. One that, though highly cute, gives her a preternaturally grumpy look. So when Odelkis Barrera, founder of To Rescue, Ontario, so her online she knew she had to help.

Earlier this year Kaya had been found outdoors doing her level best to survive despite being only four weeks old, malnourished, and infested with ticks and fleas. The kind-hearted person who found her requested and quickly received help from TO Rescue who was soon on the scene.

Under the care of her new foster parents, Kaya quickly put on weight and quickly came out of her shell. “She is vivacious and outgoing,” said TO Rescue.

“Not only is she the cutest kitty ever but she’s incredibly sweet. Everyone that meets her falls in love with her,” the rescue wrote. “She gets along great with her foster families, other cats, and dogs.”

“Her personality is beyond awesome,” said Barrera. “All she wants to do is be petted, all she wants is to be loved on and caressed. She can’t get enough — so if you’re not petting her, she’s petting herself against you.”

Kaya has had a very tough start to life that’s for sure. However, this has in no way stopped her from embracing her newfound love for life. Very affectionate, she loves cuddling her humans and spending huge chunks of time hanging out her very own cardboard box.

Recently she underwent surgery to see better and relieve discomfort around her eyes. While not having the best eyesight she can get around quite well and recognize all possible playmates in any given room.

Now at the ripe old age of five and a half months, all she wants is a home of her own. Sadly she hasn’t even had one adoption application.

Something the rescue finds very hard to believe no one would want to have this very sweet, highly unique cat as part of their family.

“We want a wonderful atmosphere and a household that could devote the time to her that she requires.” She enjoys playing with other dogs and cats and gets comfort in doing so, so she would get along well with other animals,”

“She also wants someone who is committed to the long run.”

Though Kaya is a little down at not having a home yet, she knows she’s as cool as any other cat, though it’s taking others longer to find that out.

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