Owner Throws Pregnant Dog Out On Street, Dog Struggles To Find Shelter In Rain

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Missy the Cur mix was having a hard enough time surviving as an abandoned dog in Levy County, Florida, writes ilovemydogsomuc

But when Animal Control found her, she was heavily pregnant and struggling to find shelter in the cold and the rain. The officers immediately rescued her and brought her to the “Paws Rescue Group” for further care.

The rescue workers noticed that Missy’s huge belly prevented her from walking properly or even scratching herself. They realized she was carrying a giant litter and rushed her to the vet for necessary medical attention. Sure enough, the vet determined that the 60-lb pooch was due to give birth within 3 to 7 days.
A woman named Karen Altieri stepped in to provide Missy with maternity care. However, 3 weeks passed and there was no sign of Missy’s puppies. Her belly only doubled in size and it became incredibly difficult for the frail young dog to carry on. Karen and the shelter workers grew further worried as Missy would yelp and cry in pain all day, but still not go into labor.

After days of uncertainty, Missy finally began giving birth to her pups. She had a special team diligently looking out for her to make sure things went well. By the end of the day, Missy had given birth to a staggering litter of 12 puppies. However, 2 puppies weren’t able to make it due to health complications.

Missy was overwhelmed and exhausted, but certainly excited to be a mama to her litter. She’s busy raising her little ones now, and has literally divided them by color to make nursing easier. What a smart mama! Karen will continue as a foster mom to Missy and her 10 adorable babies. We are so relieved sweet Missy was pulled off from the streets at the right time! That was definitely an extraordinary birth!

Source: ilovemydogsomuc.tv