The Cutest Puppies from China that look like Pandas

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We understand just how deeply heartbreaking it is that panda bears aren’t suitable to be house pets, but these adorable puppies from China offer those of us who adore pandas a glimmer of hope.

The puppies were born in Jiangsu province, China. Everyone was surprised at the dog’s appearance – the fur was no different from a Panda. Neither of their parents looks much like panda dogs – mom was a local rural dog and dad was a Pekinese.

The three cute puppies in the litter look like pandas, but the other three have different markings. When they were born, their fur is more ash color, then gradually changes to black and white. Its owners do not know for sure if they can keep their coat color like that when they grow up.

Many viewers are skeptical about the dog’s coat color, thinking that their owners must have dyed their fur like pandas to make them look cuter. However, owner Shaojun Shi denies it and insists that the dogs are born like that.

As soon as the media found out about the cute panda pups, photos of them were spread around the world, melting the hearts of viewers. Many people have asked to buy Shaojun Shi’s pups but she said that she will not sell them when she is too young.